NAGASAKI UNIVERSITY Graduate School of Education

Admission for International Students

Information on Entrance Exam for Privately-Financed International Students

The Graduate School of Education, Nagasaki University conducts exams for the exclusive selection of international students for its Two- or Three-Year Academic Programs in three courses (Child Psychology and Special Needs Education Course, Class Management and Curriculum Development Course, and Research and Practice of School Subjects Course). For information on the minimum qualifications and modes of applying for the exam, refer to the Japanese website. In principle, the examinees are required to read, write, and communicate in Japanese.

Admission Policy of Graduate School of Education

Only students who satisfy the following requirements can gain entry into the Graduate School of Education
  • Candidates need to display the skills developed as an undergraduate, be conscious of assignments on education in school, and be eager to participate in problem-solving tasks in the region of education.
  • Candidates should be willing to improve their skills to understand children and conduct lessons.
  • They should have fundamental knowledge related to the development and education of children in school and about subjects, which form the basis of lesson practice, and possess the basic moral and communication skills needed in a teacher.
  • Incumbent teachers, in particular, should aim to improve their skills and be eager to contribute to improvements in their local education field.
Hitomi Sasano, an undergraduate student of the Department of English Teaching, translated the Japanese content on this webpage into English.