NAGASAKI UNIVERSITY Graduate School of Education

Reasons for Studying with Us

The Graduate School of Education places emphasis on five areas that will help you improve the practical skills needed to address the challenges in education today.

  • Organizing and implementing a suitable educational curriculum
  • Practical teaching method
  • Student guidance and counseling
  • School and class management
  • Concept of school education

This course also seeks to help students develop the skills required to effectively utilize digital technology and to equip them with the knowledge needed for conducting special needs education through the practical experience as a student teacher.

The graduate school program has four features

1. Systematic curriculum

Back and forth between educational theory and teaching practice (you will undertake various types of teaching practice; more than 10 out of 47 credits required for completing the course)

2. Wide variety of students

Collaboration with in-service teachers and current graduate students

3. Team teaching

Lessons by a professor who has had a long career as a teacher in educational institutions (kindergarten, elementary school, secondary school, or special needs education school) and another who holds a doctoral degree and has the ability to conduct academic research and publish papers

4. Active learning

Emphasis on the case study method and debates about current educational issues

An obtainable degree

This course allows students to earn a master’s degree in education (professional degree).

Yui Hayashida, an undergraduate student of the Department of English Teaching, translated the Japanese content on this webpage into English.